Monday, 24 June 2013

You have to start somewhere

  And this it.

Welcome to day one of this blogging caper.
Zip Crisis on way to Changi Airport. Cab booked, no pressure.
24 days since we left Brisbane Australia on our travels after 589 days straight working on my house to finish a ten year project. We finished it, it's beautiful, it's a triumph and if it gets rented soon I'll be a lot happier and have some travel money. Now, finally, with all the work behind me it's on to less labour intensive pursuits.



 On arrival in France via a one night stay with Raj in Singapore we got straight down to business and went shopping for superyachts in Antibes. Anne settled on 'Eminence', a very tidy 78 metre number. 14 guests, 19 crew. No chopper pad.

 I chose Anastasia, a bit smaller at 75 metres, 12 guests, designed inside and out by an Australian designer, bought for 200 million by a Russian oligarch who recoups some of the cost by renting it out for $700,000 a week.

 We wandered along with Michael who chatted up, in french, the odd yachtie  with a for sale sign on their yacht in order for me to do some further research.
It was only as we were leaving that I came across the ideal little number.
The Grand Bleu Vintage, a 95ft long, 22ft beam, aluminium yacht. 8 guests 4 crew. $60,000 a week.
Now I know this is a bit more than we usually pay for our yearly houseboat weekend, but gee, what an upgrade!


French lettuce crisping technology

Cote D'Azur

Apres Dinner stroll. Saint Paul de Vence

Lunch and Rose @ Michael and Emma's out of Nice

That folks, is the end of my first ever blog post.
It's been a time consuming learning curve and one can only hope it gets easier as the road leads on.
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I leave you with the words of this pic til next time.

Stay tuned.
Love Pete.

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