Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Brighton - London


Before we left England for Germany we hired a car again from Brighton and drove to Anthony's in North Dulwich, London for a birthday gathering. Anthony, Gavin and Phil (part of the Bristol Posse) are long time friends of Anne's. The weather was still at it's heatwave best for London so an afternoon garden party was in order with Anthony putting on a delicious spread with expert style advice from Bene.

Getting a photo of this bunch with all eyes open turns out to be impossible. For better or worse, I've also chosen the only one where Phil wasn't gurning. Sorry Phil.

Turns out we've been test driving a range of Peugeots as our hire cars. A groovy new black 208 for our skippers ticket was very nice. A small black 107 and then we got an upgrade up several classes to another black one, a Peugeot 508 saloon for our trip to London which at least was very comfortable while Anne did a valiant job of navigating our way there with a paper map through London traffic. I am very close to getting a GPS device! Our only non Peugeot was the funky diversion of a Fiat 500, stylish but basic with least comfy seats.

Gavin and Anne on way to Anthony's

The Caterers

The Gang at breakfast the morning after.
Phil, Anne and Gavin ...and the rental auto
Old mates at Gavin's place.

From Brighton we trained up to Anne's Dad's so we could get up at 4.30am for an early flight to Hamburg. We said goodbye to Jenny's scratchy cat who seemed to be accepting us more and more, and, I have to say, never actually scratched me.

Anne's dad John went to the trouble of a roast dinner on a stinking hot day so the least we could do was have it outside in the rural garden setting after the heat of the day. John had to admit it was the first time ever he had dinner out there so it was a first for all of us.

Anne risks a right hook

Kitty Cupboard love

Tango Tinson in a rare non hunting repose

Summer dining chez John's Acres

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