Friday, 23 August 2013



I've come to learn something while out here at sea

Concerning the making of two cups of tea

When placing the cup and dropping the bag

Pay attention to which side you are placing the tag.

If the tag be to windward,

And the breeze should pick up,

The tag may flutter

As would the adjacent cup.

It may look quite pretty, like butterflies courting,

But it is knots in the making that will need some sorting.

Then when you pick up those cups with the strings entwined,

To deliver to your partner this gesture so kind,

This simple act of love may come to nought,

One bag pulls another, when the strings are taut.

A soggy bag will strike like a Marlin,

Arcing through the air to target your darlin',

Trailing exhaust of boiling hot tea,

 An airborne disaster imminently

But then, from it's target will suddenly swerve

When the string on the other tightens the curve.

So now you have that rogue Twinings Chai

Like a yo-yo returning, flicking tea in your eye.

Of course it all could be worse, if you were to trip or to fall,

Or the boat heeled over, and you then wore it all.

So my lesson learned for future brew ups,

If breeze is apparent, distance the cups.

 Or perhaps one needs to learn when about to make tea

Consider the wisdom of adopting plan 'B'

Namely, to ask your darling, so gorgeous, so dear

Whether perhaps she'd mind pouring you that icy cold beer.


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